Happy New Year!

Welcome to the world 2016! I have a pretty darn good feeling about you. I love myself some goals, and there is no better time to craft a list of annual goals than the New Year.  My list this year is shorter than what I usually put together. I wanted something that didn't feel so daunting when I checked in with it - and I can always add things if I check these off early in the year!

  1. Run [& Finish] a 100k race. I'm very excited about this one. I have yet to break the 50 mile barrier, and I've decided this year is a good year to try. Not only that, but I found what looks like an absolutely beautiful race to try it on! I just signed up and got my spot in the Sun Mountain 100k. The race is on May 25th which gives me plenty of time to build up my base miles and then put a full race training plan into swing.
  2.  Learn how to track text & effects into videos [& then create one!]. Like in this Skillshare video. I want to use this for our Idaho Gives video - Hillary and I are planning something pretty darn sweet for this year. More to come on that later.
  3. Doodle more. On everything. Everywhere. Doodling is fun, and the only way to get better and inspire ideas is to doodle more.
  4. Play at an open mic night. I love playing guitar when no one is watching - playing in front of people would be a large jump out of my comfort zone. Which seems like a darn good reason to do it.