I love doing a lot of things. Taking photos, running, biking, climbing, painting, gardening and taking care of plants, baking (especially breads!) - I find a lot of joy in many activities.

While I think this keeps my life interesting and full of new experiences - it’s been weighing on me lately. I’m in a place of feeling a bit afloat - looking for the thing that lights my fire and gets me riled up. I’m not saying I don’t find that in taking photos or in the many other things that I do - but I’ve been searching for that one thing that keeps me coming back. Something I’d drop everything for.

I feel like so many of the blogs, book recommendations, Instagram posts, influential speakers are saying similar things.

“Go for that big dream!” “Live you life pursuing your passion!” “Jump in both feet towards the thing you love!”

But what do we do when we don’t know what our dream is? Or passion? Or the thing you love most? It’s a scary feeling being a generalist when the world is telling you to specialize and prioritize.

Perhaps I won’t always be a generalist, maybe I’ll find the thing that lights up my heart. Or maybe my journey for now is going to be pursuing a handful of things that I love until one starts to stick out as the front runner. Once a certain level of mastery is reached our passions tend to take on a whole new form as well.

I’m not really entirely sure where I’m going with this - but writing happens to be one of the things I enjoy doing, so if I’m going to attempt to start mastering something, I have to start somewhere right?

In other news, I’ve been trying to do more self-portraits. Not just stand in front of the camera and smile types, but ones that require a bit more set-up and actually portray how I live my life. The one below is from Friday, the day before Rocket turned 8 (okay, so that day is entirely made up, and I’m not even sure what his age is - but that’s what his records say in our database at work). Rocket is such a lovely little character. He is never embarrassed, lives his life unapologetically, and seems to soak up every moment - whatever that moment happens to be. He is the perfect inspiration for getting out and just enjoying every little moment.

Bekka & Rocket-1.jpg