Dora the Explorer

I've been on the hunt for an adventure vehicle for quite some time now. Waffling back and forth between larger van type vehicle (thinking Sprinter or something along those lines) to pick-up truck to suburban to "nevermind!". 

I was about ready to table the whole quest until summertime when a 1996 Ford Explorer was donated to the Shelter. For a '96 it's in pretty awesome shape, has snow tires on it, is AWD and has 4WD, AND only has 109,000 miles on it. After hemming and hawing on everything lately - I decided to go for it and make an offer - & got it! 

I got the title in the mail this week and started drafting up some plans. Then this weekend I hopped to it and started on the bed platform. It also gave me a great opportunity to play around with some fun video ideas. 

Check it out :)