Buns of Glory

This weekend (oops...now two weekends ago) was the Sawtooth Relay - a 61.something mile course (split into twelve legs to be run by 6 people) that takes the scenic byway from the town of Stanley (population...70?) to Atkinson's Park in Ketchum. It's a race I've always wanted to try, but for one reason or another it just hasn't panned out - until now! 

Our start time Saturday morning was at 4:30am, which meant driving up the night before. Both Jacqui and I had to be in town until later, so we carpooled up pretty late. By the time I had run back to the house (per almost forgetting my running shoes...fairly important), we hadn't left Ketchum until about 9:45. On the bright side, we had a pretty serious cheering section of deer on our drive. Which, although morally uplifting, meant we weren't exactly cruising as we had to slow down/stop for deer around every corner. By the time we got to the Iron Creek campsite to meet everyone, it was about 11:30. Our fellow team members had already pitched us a tent (thank you!) so all we had to do was set up our pads and sleeping bags, crawl in, and pass out.

3am came all too quickly. Both Jacqui and I were totally doing the "I don't need to get up until the other person does...right?" thing - so it was probably around 3:30 when we actually started rolling things up. Groggily we all got ready, coffee, bagel, shoes, pile into truck, head to start line. 

The way the race works (since there are about 400 teams running) is that everyone gets a different wave start time. We started at 4:30 with maybe 15 other teams (tough to tell in the dark). Some teams started as early as 2 others as late as 9:30. 

Rachel was a real trooper and had signed up for our first leg. Due to shivering and my inability to remember my tripod whenever I travel, I didn't get any good photos of the race start - just a cell phone one. But it was a fun scene, everyone was bustling around getting ready, jumping about to keep warm, and really rocking their super cool reflective vests.

The first few legs were in the dark. And the mist/rain. It was difficult to tell who had started with us and who was where. We did our best to pull over to the side to cheer - but I think all of us were still in a bit of early morning haze. The coffee hadn't hit our brains yet.

(I totally still have more to write...but for the sake of getting some pictures up, I'm leaving this as a to be continued)