This weekend I had the chance to tick off one of those bucket list spots - Goldbug Hotsprings. I was super excited to finally get there - enjoy some sun, good company, get the dogs outside, and to take a try at getting some sweet waterfall/hot spring shots with my camera.

The drive up was super fun & all four of the dogs got along perfectly (minus a few Cali snaps, but that's sort of par for the course). The trail to Goldbug is gorgeous and the views are amazing (see photos). When we got up there the springs were packed & Cali wasn't doing super hot - but we trekked on and tried to get a little higher to see if there was more to see. I'd love to go again, since I do think there is more up there in the steep sections, but I couldn't bring Cali up there - she was super hot and needed a lot of breaks. I took a few pictures up there of the dogs & a couple of Alex looking out over the scenery.


When we got back down to the hotsprings I went into full helicopter mom mode with Cali - there were a ton of dogs, and she was exhausted - basically a perfect recipe for her getting into it with another pup. We got to enjoy the hot springs and the dogs dabbled in and out - but as we were going down I realized I took ZERO PICTURES! Which taking shots at the hotsprings was sort of the purpose for dragging the camera up the hill. Fail.

We got back down to the car, grabbed beers and snacks, and started the drive back. On a whim we swung over a bridge right before Lower Stanley and found the best camping spot. No one around, right next to a "Mountain Crick", and with a fire pit. We set up camp, made dinner (or really Alex made dinner and I made a half assed cheese sandwich). Then enjoyed the campfire & the stars while the dogs (sans Monty - who is afraid of fire) meandered about at our feet. Once again, forgot to bust out the camera for some night photos & fire photos (two of my favorite shots to get).

The next morning we milled around & had another fire. Which lent itself to awesome smoke/sun photos - which I actually did bust my camera out for! After that, Stanley Baking Co. & a relaxing afternoon at Redfish. All & all - great weekend and got some great photos.


Most importantly, all of the photos I got were of the inbetween moments that I hadn't planned on shooting. While I originally was kicking myself for missing those really cool exciting moments - I realized that the inbetween moments are actually some of my favorites, and (unlike the view of the hotsprings or the clear night sky) are the ones that can easily get left behind in your memory. When it all boils down, I'm glad I got the inbetween shots - now no matter how much time goes by, I'll always remember those. Pretty sweet really.