Sick Days are for Learning

This weekend I caught one of those colds that knocks you off your feet and leaves you curled up under layers of covers with endless cups of tea coming from a concerned boyfriend. It started as a sore throat on Saturday night and then leapt out full force on Sunday. After a lot of napping on Sunday, I'm starting to feel better today. Just a lingering sniffle (fingers crossed).

On the bright side, all of that couch time allowed me to watch a LOT of After Effects tutorials.

After Effects feels like this whole new territory where pretty much anything goes. There are SO many amazing tools and tricks, presets and effects that paired with limitless footage gives me the chills. I started my After Effects love affair this weekend with this little video. And I'll admit, I might be a little obsessed now - there are so many ideas that have started to spring to life.

But I'll keep from spilling them all right now - for now, here is the beginning of hopefully an exciting journey.

That moment when you realize you're living with a Jedi. #saturdaymornings #jedi #jedimorningtricks

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